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Key Concepts


We run a blockchain called Kabocha which is specifically a parachain connected to the Kusama relay network. We use the blockchain to enable users to collaborate and create permissionless organisations along with other decentralised tools stored on the chain. And by being connected to a wider network Kabocha is able to transact withother chains throughXCM


Like multisig but with superpowers. This are one of the tools being piloted on Kabocha. Learn more here

Network Publics

Network Publics are decentralised trusts that allow communities to instantiate their own sovereign realities. It further distils the cliched concept of Web 3 and aims to provide a canvass for communities to build truly sovereign decentralised and localised (or non-proximal) systems, networks and societies.

Network Publics enable the sustainable funding of creative contributions from borderless work forces, enabled through on-chain governance, curated proposals and an aligned value capture mechanism.

A Network Public is a decentralised trust that sits on its own sovereign blockchain. The blockchain may be a parachain or relay chain with its own out-of-the box modules (substrate pallets) that allow the community of participants to interface with each other, financially, lawfully and culturally.


Network Publics have a resource of opinionated Substrate design templates known as Publiks, which has various versioned release that fit the varied requirements and needs of users.

Key Tools