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Our Values

This wiki is under construction...

Below we share our core values, which if clear enough will always to comprehend as a clear as night and day what we choose to focus and what trajectories we wish to go in.

Multi-Chain Essentialism

Our design philosophy is “multi-chain essentialist”, which distils the polkadot (multichain minimalist) design philosophy and is in contradistinction to Ethereum “single chain maximalism”, a “build on top of” layer 2 dapps model, which is not a fully sovereign approach.

Sovereign multi chain infrastructure is one of our core values, hence we are connecting our Kabocha parachain to Kusama in the near term, but toward the end of the year we will be launching our first relay chain, which will make up 3 chains in our ecosystem, with Edgeware being the initial spawner, and thus bridging our relay into DotSama via Kabocha.


We've been spawned from a another blockchain, a chain from a chain, which is rare in the current state of crypto. This is an embodiment of how we value decentralisation. We strive to further improve decentralisation, through fairer distributions, improved validator selections, and the progressive decentralisation of core chain tools.

Grassroots Development

Another key value is grass roots development, whereas polkadot has a Barcelona FC model, corporatist big business Iron Man marvel business model. We are more of an Ajax FC youth development system, cultivating players (engineers, founders, creators and teams) to play in the first team, or go on to build their own project in our wider multichain ecosystem. We will cultivate that process. I am a product of such a system going through Edgeware, I compare my experience to a sort of “ashram for founders” who come to meditate on blockchain, sweep a few floors, and then once enlightened to start their own project, they can get funded by the treasury, in a nutshell.


Linking the above two values of grass roots development and multi chain essentialism, we are incubating multi chain projects, founders, teams and creators, where they sweep a few floors via core development and some pro-active contribution, then they get funded and supported to pursue their endeavours when it is ripe to do so. We retain value in various context dependent ways: in the form of token swaps, snapshot persistence, retaining genesis relics of their work, to be stored in our community owned treasuries.


Building a valuable eco-system requires sharing resources, burdens of work, interests and supporting one another. We hope that this would be a lot easier with a system underpinned by resonant values.


Another value is holistic and long term thinking and questioning over short term thinking. Those that plan and build systems for the longest term will win in the longest term. A holistic biological systems over mechanistic lead thinking approach. Meaning we don’t focus on building mechanisms or fixed algorithms, which are going to rule over humanity, instead a more dynamic self-evolving decentralised organism with underlying values is what we can cultivate as humanity, and make work for us, we are the ones in charge.


Self-determination, self-governance, administration of our own affairs and disputes are all part of sovereignty. This is the very core value.


To really succeed we must really comprehend what we are facing and the root cause of the problem. The centralisation of power and sudo root user hyper-centralised systems are an issue. This doesn’t stop at money or “the state”. It’s the embedded (ecclesiastical) law and jurisdiction that absorb any new technology or organisation that don’t have conscious desire for self-determination or sovereignty. We must make clear rebuttals of any claims of authority they make against us, and affirm our own position.


We are improving people’s learning outcomes by collaborating with Substrate Development Hub. Rather than outsourcing the most expensive stars (kind of mercenary) who may not necessarily feel connected to the project, we are giving people an opportunity for live early experience, to people who feel connected. Part of our filtration process is inviting people to participate in community of knowledge and skill sharing, group learning, treasury proposals, and governance. Those who are interested to partake realise that they can self-assign a role for themselves given the reputation they have with the community. A dynamic and emergent leadership approach to organisation.