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Genesis Proposal:

Kabocha parachain is the first part of the process of our multi-chain "network plan".

What will connecting to Kusama provide?

Connecting to Kusama will allow:

  • The projects we fund through our treasury to have access to the Kusama ecosystem;
  • Open up secure interoperability with other chains;
  • Provide KAB with a KAB/KSM pair on a DEX;
  • Bridge to our future relay chains, (meaning Kabocha parachain will connect our future relay chains to the DotSama ecosystem).


  • Launch Kabocha parachain on Kusama
  • Bring Edgeware into the Kusama ecosystem and bring alive a narrative that aligns with Kusama’s experimental nature and arts and culture focus.
  • Inspire a playground of possibilities and empower contributions from a diverse network of talent from around the world who are funded in a sustainable and scalable way.
  • Accelerate projects that build the Kabocha and Kusama metaverse and Subverse.
  • Wen Crowdloan? Pre-register at Kabocha website
  • Wen Snapshot? 14 days after a successful parachain auction
  • What percentage of KAB is for the crowdloan? 4.9%.

View KAB Genesis proposal here